Maximus Rally: Protest Planned For Cleburne Officer Who Shot Pit Bull

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CLEBURNE – Let the protests begin. Nope, were not talking about Ferguson. It’s a shooting in Cleburne that has folks in an uproar. A rally is planned for Saturday, demanding that a cop who shot and killed a pet pit bull be fired.
It all started when the officer was sent to Lindsey Lane to investigate a complaint from a woman who was afraid to get out of her car.

"The woman that called 911 had indicated that a brown pit bull had snapped at one of the little girls,” Scott Cain said. Cain is the Mayor of Cleburne.

Well, when the cop showed up, he found three pit bulls who belonged to Amanda Henderson. It didn’t seem like 7-month old Maximus was causing much of a fuss. The officer made what sounds like kissy noises, right before he shot him.

"I couldn't believe what I was seeing at first,” Maximus’ owner Amanda Henderson said.

Apparently, the officer said the dog became aggressive, but the body cam – that caught it all – doesn’t show that.

"You could have tasered him, you could have pepper sprayed him if he was being aggressive and you were scared."

The shooting is getting national attention. Folks who were outraged even started a Facebook page, “Justice 4 Maximus.”

The peaceful rally that’s planned Saturday in front of the Celburne Police Department is attracting some surprising supporters. The folks at Open Carry have announced they’ll be there. Meantime, the officer – who is getting death threats – has been put on paid administrative leave; while the owners are considering a lawsuit.

We’ll see how this all unfolds, once the smoke clears.

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