Match Money: Lake Dallas Teen Wins Scholarship from Dating Site

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LAKE DALLAS, TX — Hey, remember Austin Sumlin?  The kid who was trying to win a $50,000 scholarship from

Well, he won!

Austin’s parents met on, which made him eligible to enter the contest and he made it all the way to the final five.

It was up to the public to pick the winner.  Whoever got the most shares of their video entry on Facebook and Twitter would get the big bucks, but it looked like Austin had met his match.

Dacia from Minneapolis, Minnesota was way ahead at one point with over 10,000 shares.

Trailing the whole time, Austin and his family had to figure out a way to get thousands of votes.

“In the last week we just focused a lot on Twitter.  It’s easier to retweet then share on your Facebook wall,” Austin explains.

Well, it worked.  In the end, Austin’s love story had the right chemistry.

“We touched so many people is what got it,” Austin said. “Not necessarily just because of rogue numbers and math.  It was the story was so good people wanted to share it.”

What’s he going to do with his big scholarship?

“There was maybe like five options before and now there’s like hundreds,” Austin said.

18-year-old Austin is currently enrolled in community college.   So where is he going to take his money?

Maybe you can find the perfect fit on  “Looking for a school with just the right mix of class, chemistry, and with a nice student body.”

Good luck, Austin!

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