Match Madness! Med students learn where they’ll get on-the-job training

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DALLAS — While most of America may have come down with March Madness this week, watching college students compete for the national basketball championship.

Another group of students gathered Friday at UT Southwestern – on a basketball court no less – for a different kind of madness.  Match madness!

“This is the day around the entire country where the medical students find out where they matched,” explained Dr. Angela Mihalic, the dean of student affairs at UTSW, “which specialty they’re going into, and which program they’re going to do their residency.”

That residency will determine where they live for the next six years!

“Match Day is the culmination of the past four years of your life,” said Christopher Leba, who’s headed off to study internal medicine at Johns Hopkins.

“It’s a mix of excitement, nervous energy, and just real relief,” said Andres Guerra.  Guerra and his fiancee Simer Grewal are headed to Northwestern in Chicago.

“Our first priority was trying to be together,” Grewal said, “and it’s just so exciting to be able to do our dream jobs in the same city.”

An estimated 42,000 med students across the country met their matches on Friday, which would make it the biggest match day in history.

So, it sounds like that doctor shortage we’re always hearing about isn’t because there isn’t interest…

“No, no, a lot of interest in medicine,” said Dr. Mihalic.  “It’s always going to be a wonderful profession where you actually get to help people and make a difference and an impact.”

The shortage, Mihalic says, is coming more from the fact that there aren’t enough residency spots to “match” with an increasing number of students!

“But that’s something we’ll have to work with the congress on,” she said.

Great, one more thing we get to wait on Congress to fix…

Anywho, these students did have a match and are well on their way to being the doctors we’ll need in the future.  Congrats, y’all!

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