Mary Kay Keeping Up With Millennial Makeup Market

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DALLAS — For folks at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Center, makeup is the foundation of an event they are hosting this week.

“We are at our annual seminar that happens every single summer and we are being celebrated, we getting inspired we`re learning new tips and trends and new products,” Mary Kay Independent Executive Senior Sales Director Krystal Hunsucker said.

That’s right, Mary Kay Cosmetics has been around since the 60’s. And typically, when you think of this cosmetic company many may feel it’s your mothers make-up, and many younger customers may not use the Mary Kay brands.

“I think people outside of my sphere don`t because they are into Sephora, the Mac, the mall make-up brands in a sense,” Millennial Mary Kay Customer Paige Dickinson told Newsfix.

“Well over 50% of the Mary Kay Beauty consultants that sign their agreements every month are in the millennial generation,” Sara Friedman said

Mary Kay is reaching out to the coveted millennial market to keep their brand up with the times.

“I was just amazed at how the company had worked to really gear the business towards millennials and towards just the things that we love and changing with technology,” Independent Senior Sales Director Chelsey DeBruin-Colbert  said.

“A lot of my friends were like really impressed because they thought Mary Kay was for older people. But it’s actually really directed towards us,” said Beauty Consultant Monique Flores.

Folks with Mary Kay believe that when it comes to marketing to millennials, you’ve got to change with the times. We’re talking online ads and social media.

“In the U.S. alone, we have almost three million Facebook fans and we really started working the business a little bit differently,” Friedman said

All in hopes that millennials will be “seeing pink” for years to come.

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