Mark Cuban Slays Performance, Sharks in Cult Hit ‘Sharknado 3’

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HOLLYWOOD — If you missed the epic greatness that was Sharknado 3, Oh Hell No!, then chances are, you missed out on the “can you believe they did that?!” convo with your friends.

Yeah, the third installment of the instant Syfy cult classic proved to be every bit of the ridiculous, over-the-top, low-budget special effects flick, fans have come to love.

Seriously folks, where else can you see a variable roster of stars slay sharks in space with a light-saber chainsaw?

That’s right, Nado 3 was a cinematic “Where’s Waldo” of celeb cameos. But, not to be outdone, Mavs owner Mark Cuban made his film debut as the President of the United States. Hey, Cubes is used to swimming with sharks on his show, but this wasn’t that kind of tank.

The two-hour feast for the senses included a whopping 30-plus celebrity appearances. The movie was apparently the biggest pop culture event of the summer and created a “sharkicane” on social media.

The hashtag #Sharknado3 generated over two billion Twitter impressions. Wow, that’s some bite, folks.

Looks like Syfy will continue to ride this wave one more time. Sharknado 4 is already in the works.

Wonder if Cuban will reprise his role as the Prez?

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