Mark Cuban says you can buy your Mavs tickets with BitCoin, but should you?

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DALLAS — Buying Mavs tickets is about to go digital in every way.

When a fan asked Mavericks owner Mark Cuban on Twitter when they would be able to buy tickets with BitCoin, Cuban simply responded “next season”!

So what do BitCoin afficianadoes think of Cuban's big announcement?

“Mark Cuban is not a man to be taken lightly, he’s been on top of everything from the internet back in the day to artificial intelligence now and now he seems to be interested in cryptocurrency,” Spencer Kaye, a managing partner at Transform Capital, a cryptocurrency hedge fund, “So I don’t think we need to take people like Mark Cuban lightly.”

And it's not just Cuban and the Mavs who are really getting on board the BitCoin train.

“I’m getting phone calls all the time from companies, small startup companies to large publicly traded companies to anywhere in-between that are wanting to get involved in this space to use blockchain technology,” said Kaye, who also does consulting. “Like the company I’m here with today, BlackBox Stocks, trying to take this technology a lot more seriously.

But with the way BitCoin’s value fluctuates is it even smart to spend it on Mavs tickets? After all, 50 bucks worth of BitCoin could be 500 the next day!

“Because BitCoin appreciates so fast in value it’s really tough to get people to use BitCoin to buy everyday goods,” Kaye said. “So I don’t really necessarily view BitCoin as that. I view it as more so a digital gold, a store hold of wealth.”

So yeah it might just be easier to leave the cryptocurrency in the digital vault and just spend the $8 on TicketMaster to grab you Mavs tickets.

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