Mark Cuban Lends Support on Apple’s Fight Against Court Order

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DALLAS-Looks like Apple has some big names backing their decision to screen the FBI’s call to unlock ad iPhone belonging to one of the San Bernardino terrorists.

The government wants Apple to make a new version of its operating system that would allow the FBI to gain access to users’ information.

But once Apple answers that call, they could be setting themselves up for less control of their security and customer privacy.

Apple CEO Tim Cook says he will oppose the court order because of the implications it will have beyond this one case.

But Cook isn’t alone in his reasoning; on Friday, Dallas Mavs owner Mark Cuban took to Twitter to commend Apple on their stance not to give in to the FBI’s order.

He tweeted “We have the right to protect our speech from those, domestic or otherwise, who may watch or monitor us. Which is why encryption is vitally important to all of us.”

He did, however, say he wasn’t opposed to a law where the government could inspect phones of terrorists.

This coming from the guy who owns Cyber Dust, an app designed to self-destruct messages.

Late Thursday night, Facebook and Twitter also lent their support to Apple’s fight.

For now, Apple will get an extension on its deadline to respond to the court order, but with friends like Cuban, Facebook, and Twitter on your side, we think Apple is about to send a message!

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