Many Texas educators want to be armed, but not necessarily with guns…

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DALLAS-- Thousands of teachers online are asking to be armed, but not with guns.

Rather, with enough books for each student, a mold free classroom, maybe just a working heater, or a few snacks to feed their hungry kids.

You get the idea.

#ArmMeWith is a reaction to the suggestion made by President Trump that teachers should be armed with guns. Now some teachers are trying to educate him on what they need.

Some Texas teachers are joining in on the #ArmMeWith movement.

Check out this area teacher who tweeted at President Trump.

Ana-Maria Ramos is one of the Dallas educators joining in on the conversation. "I am a teacher, my daughter is a teacher, my family, I have cousins who are teachers, every single teacher that I know has spent her own money for her classroom." She says it's very common for teachers to pay for items for their students. Adding that often it goes unnoticed.

She's a gun owner herself, but says teachers plus weapons don't equal a safe classroom. "We are kind of like the sleeping giant. Like, teachers are just kind of like, more budget cuts this year, and there are more budget cuts next year, but now we are proposing to arm these teachers. I think that has really awakened the sleeping giant. I will give my heart to my students, don't ask my to target my students."

Ramos says the movement is beautiful, and hopes the area teachers will make an impact on legislation.

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