Maneater: Way to a Woman’s Heart Might Be Food

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SAN DIEGO — Dear bachelors, having a lot of dough may not be enough to get your dream girl. Turns out, you have to be willing to overload your lady with calories to win the key to her heart.

A new study says women 18 to 25 had high brain activity when they saw romantic images, like kissing and holding hands, as long as they just had a good meal. But, they were less likely to respond when their tummies were on empty.

Researchers are saying this could prove there’s a real connection between food and love. But, come on guys, do you really need some study to prove that food turns your girl on?

Ask yourself this: Do you tend to win her over when she’s not “hangry?”  You know — hungry and angry at the same time?

When I’m eating and he feeds me, I kind of listen more and pay more attention,” one person told Newsfix. “I feel more happy!””

Hey, we’re not saying you have to take your lady to Del Frisco’s. Believe it or not, some women might prefer a quickie to Chipotle.

Remember, it’s the thought that counts, or in this case, it’s the food for thought.

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