Mandatory Quarantine: NY, NJ Governors Enforce New Ebola Rules

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NEW YORK, NY- The governors of New York and New Jersey made a surprising announcement this weekend: All medical workers who treat Ebola patients will be put into mandatory quarantine upon returning from the hot zone.

“We are no longer relying on the CDC’s standards. There are now New York- New Jersey standards for this,” urged Governor Chris Christie.

The logistics on how that’s going to happen aren't so clear, but State Health Department staff will be present at JFK and Newark airports.

So just exactly what will happen when one of these folks arrives? Will they be put in isolation at home? What if they live with other folks, like a spouse or their own children? What if they don’t even live in NY or NJ, but are just changing planes?

Okay, maybe they’ll go to a hotel? That’ll be great for tourism.

Or perhaps they’ll be quarantined at a hospital? Who’s gonna pay for that?

Oh. and how will they get there? Guess a taxi or the subway is out of the question.

And the biggest question here is: Who will volunteer to go to West Africa in the fight against Ebola?

Especially if they know they’ll face a 21-day quarantine once they come home.

Lots of questions with no answers, so far.

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