Man With 100 lb. Scrotum Fundraises For Surgery

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BATTLE CREEK, MI — Thirty-nine year-old Dan Maurer has an embarrassing and dangerous condition: a nearly 100 pound, enlarged scrotum.

And while most people confronted with the same problem would hide from the public eye, this Michigan man is bravely sharing his story to raise money to have it removed.

“In my late 20’s, I noticed it was little larger in that area,” he said.

Doctors told Maurer to lose weight. He did: swimming every day and losing 50 pounds, but his growth down under was still getting bigger.

It wasn’t until years of visiting different doctors that Maurer discovered he had something called Scrotal Lymphedema, a rare condition caused by blockages in lymphatic vessels.

A doctor in California is currently his only hope for normalcy, but the surgery is costly and dangerous. Maurer says he’s doing it for his wife, Mindy — they’ve been together for 20 years.

“She’s amazing. I don’t see myself as being worth it, but she is to me,’ he said. ‘That’s why I’m going through this.”

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