Man Up! Male dancers prep for Dallas Black Dance Theatre gala

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DALLAS – A group of men have come together to gear up for the Dallas Black Dance Theatre Spring Celebration and the Dallas Symphony Orchestra’s SOLUNA festival.

“All different kinds of music, art, dance, and lecture. Different things that are sort of uniting the different disciplines in the Dallas Arts District and around the world,” Denise McGovern with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra said.

The choreographer hopes it’ll get people talking.

“You turn on the television today, [you see] Ferguson on top of it,” New York choreographer Daniel Catanach said. “You see what’s going on with the police. Issues of why not wear a hoodie, and trying to have young people growing up and being successful, and being told they’re not successful.”

Catanach is fusing ballet, modern and urban to tell a story of growing up in the inner city.

“The name of it is ‘Surface’ because you have to surface out of all of that. We’re telling the story of a group of six guys trying to make it in the world in their own way.”

“My character is the one who has kind of made it out. I’m trying to lift up and bring up everybody else, kind of like the big brother, father-figure of the group,” Dancer/Artist Richard A. Freeman, Jr. said. “[You’ll see them] leaning on me. People might have forgotten. When things die down, people forget that these issues still come up every day. I hope we bring that to life for them, I also hope that they see hope. There is a way for change.”

The show Dallas Black Dance Theatre Spring Celebration and the Dallas Symphony Orchestra’s SOLUNA festival will be held in May.

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