Man takes a $1600 Uber ride home after drunken night out

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MORGANTOWN, WV -- Everyone's been there. You go out on the town, have one too many margaritas, and need to call an Uber home.

But have you ever been so drunk, you had to pay over a thousand dollars to get home?

Kenneth Bachman has! He's a guy who had too good a time and paid the price for it, literally!

Kenneth went out with a couple of his broski's in West Virginia and when it was time to call it a night, he called an Uber, then took a little cat nap in the back seat.

Plot twist! Kenneth thought he requested the Uber to take him back where he was staying near West Virginia University. Turns out, the Uber driver took him home to New Jersey over 300 miles away!

"I just woke up in the Uber next to an older dude just telling me I was an hour out from Jersey," Bachman said.

After his snooze, the bill came rolling in: a grand total of $1,635.93!

"I was just like, that's crazy. Why did you agree to take me to New Jersey from West Virginia?" Bachman asked.

Turns out, in a drunken haze, he ordered an Uber XL, which basically doubles the fare. Uber confirmed the driver took our drunken friend to the requested destination, so Kenneth has to pay up!

Look on the bright side, at least he didn't drink and drive!

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