Man Rescued After Falling Into Dallas Creek

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DALLAS, TX– So why was a man hanging out by a creek at the crack of dawn Friday morning?

We don’t know. And neither do the Dallas firefighters who rescued him.

911 got an interesting call at about 2 a.m. from a man who said he had fallen into a creek and couldn’t get out.

The man claimed he got into this predicament because someone was chasing him.

Dallas PD began searching behind the Riverpoint Apartments on Summerwood Circle. Firefighters and Urban Search and Rescue joined in.

When they finally found this guy, it turned out he had actually tumbled 35 feet into a dry creek.

Rescuers got to work using ropes and a stokes basket. They were able to pull him out after about 45 minutes and he was transported to a local hospital and is in stable condition.

Maybe you shouldn’t picnic when it’s dark outside.

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