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LOS ANGELES — Everybody wants to be fresh from head to toe these days.

It’s not so fresh, when your toes come out looking like a stale bag of corn chips ’cause of a poor shoe choice.

Well, that’s what one guy says happened to him after wearing a pair of Chuck Taylors.

The sneakers you, your mom, dad and possibly great grandparents owned at one point.

According to TMZ, converse, the makers of Chucks, have been smacked with a lawsuit from the dude who claims they damaged his dogs so bad he’s lost feeling in his left toe.

After hours of working in his Chucks he allegedly earned himself some serious bunions.

But real kicker is, he’s asking for $10,000 for “long-term” foot care.

Well, whether Converse ends up footing the bill or not, we came up with one defense he could use in court.

Remember when NBA players balled in those shoes back in the day?!

But today, studies show Chuck Taylors are basically glorified socks with no support and bad for your foot health.


So maybe this man’s got his foot in the door ’cause we smell a major come-up for him and his corns!