Man mistakes tumor for belly fat, woman mistakes morning sickness for food poisoning

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HOBOKEN, NJ-- If your summer body isn't quite ready, that could be the least of your worries if you're carrying a heavy load in your belly.

A New Jersey man is now 30 pounds lighter after he had a massive tumor removed from his stomach. Kevin Daly noticed the growth a couple years ago, but doctors assumed he was dealing with normal weight gain.

He tried to lose weight but his belly never got smaller; not even after he lost 34 pounds. That's when doctors performed a cat scan and discovered a large mass that turned out to be a cancerous tumor.

Doctors say it's the largest tumor they have ever removed and likely took 10 to 15 years to grow.

Now, Daly is back to his college weight and says he feels like he's 35 again!

While his belly was growing, a Florida woman had no idea hers was too. In a bizarre turn of events, what she thought was food poisoning was actually a baby boy.

Crystal Amerson, 29, woke up with stomach pains early Sunday morning. She thought it was from the General Tso's she ate the night before. She said the pain was so excruciating, she had to be rush to the hospital.

That's when paramedics delivered Baby Oliver in the ambulance. Amerson isn't new to motherhood. She already has an 18-month old son. So, she was pretty surprised when she hadn't noticed any signs.

Seems like you never know what could be growing inside of you. It's probably a good idea to trust your gut.


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