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YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK, WY – Yellowstone National Park is so beautiful, it’s enough to make your heart melt. And  if you’re not careful — it could melt every other part of your body too.

Sadly, that’s exactly what happened to a young man by the name of Colin Scott who dissolved to death in what he thought was a relaxing hot spring.

Turns out, it what was an extremely acidic geyser.

Even more horrific, his sister caught it all on her cell phone camera.

The tragic incident it happened over the summer. According to the newly released final report, Scott’s sister says he was trying to test the water temperature when he slipped and fell into the boiling hot water.

This case now has park rangers working overtime reminding visitors about the importance of not going off trail and to read the warning signs.

Unfortunately, Scott’s death is a horrible reminder of the hot water you can find yourself in if those instructions aren’t followed.