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DALLAS – The golden rule at the library has always been to keep things quiet.

But one guy didn’t get the memo.

“A customer came in, arrived at the location upset, started verbally accosting the staff,” said Jo Giudice, director at the Dallas Public Library. “Through library training, they disengaged at that point and called 911.”

Friday at the Timberglen library branch, 27-year-old Marquise Wiley came in yelling at employees and throwing furniture.

Marcus Finnell was at the library when it all went down and caught some of the incident on his phone.

Officials from the library say the fit lasted for about 25 min, and they’re looking at a minimum of $10,000 in damage.

“He started throwing papers around and then progressively it got worse. Knocking books off the shelves and then shaking entire ranges of shelves until everything fell off,” Giudice said. “He also threw a piece of furniture through a conference door, which was glass.”

Emergency crews arrived and took Wiley to a mental care facility, and now, the crew at Timberglen is just trying to get things back to normal!

After all, it is National Library Week!

“This is not how I wanted to start National Library Week,” Giudice said, “but what a great way to celebrate libraries, we are resilient and we’re proving that through this incident.”

Go check out a book and show them some love!