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DALLAS–  A graphic video captured in Deep Ellum has sparked a police investigation.

We’re warning you, it’s hard to watch.

The first video posted on a community watch Facebook group was caught by someone in a nearby apartment showing a woman standing outside the man’s sports car on Canton Street.

The man who shot it says, “Woke up to a Domestic attack from Jarod an Uptown bouncer on (CENSORED). Caught this recording from the 4th floor of Adam hats before running down on the phone with police. He got away but we got an ambulance to her. F*** this piece of s***. His Facebook is posted below as well. Also before this video he had apparently already hit her multiple times and thrown her head into the wall which other residents got on video.”

That video caused an uproar in the community, but it only shows 36 seconds of the assault.

General Manager at the Bomb Factory posted surveillance video that goes on for two minutes. He says, “After seeing Jarod Broussard’s post about having a bad day and the previous videos only being a portion of what happened. I couldn’t help but post this. He is in no way affiliated with The Bomb Factory. Complete Bulls***!”

Jarod Broussard was arrested Thursday evening, he’s facing felony assault and choking charges.

Broussard is a bouncer for Theory Nightclub, an Uptown bar. Well, he was until the video was posted online!

The videos were both posted in the Deep Ellum Community Watch Facebook group. It’s aimed at keeping the area safe for those who work, live, and frequent the area.

Admins of the group want people to know that you need to watch what you’re doing in that area, because there is always someone watching.