Man Allegedly Chokes Woman for Reclining Seat on Southwest Plane

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LOS ANGELES — It’s your right to recline your seat on a plane if you want. That’s the reason there’s even the option. Well, someone forgot to tell that to one guy on a Southwest Airlines plane. He reportedly got so ticked off at a woman for reclining her seat, that he choked her!

The recline seat rage forced the plane, bound for San Francisco, to make an emergency landing in Los Angeles Sunday night.

“Flight 2010, declaring an emergency,” the pilot says in audio from the flight. “Evidently we’ve got two passengers that are in a physical altercation.”

According to NBC News, witnesses say they heard the woman say a man sitting behind her tried to strangle her because she put her seat back.

The man was detained, but no arrests have been made.

Get this, the whole thing caused the 136 passengers on board to endure a five-hour delay. Now that’s something to get ticked off about!


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