Man Accuses Officer of Wrongful Detainment and Deleting Facebook Live Video

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DALWORTHINGTON GARDENS — The same guy who was wrongfully identified as the shooter in the horrific Dallas ambush in July claims he was wrongly detained early Monday morning.

Mark Hughes said he was pulled over in Arlington for having a headlight out, and told Arlington police he didn’t have his wallet. Hughes said they told him to put his high beams on and let him off with a warning.

Hughes said a Dalworthington Garden pulled him over soon after, this time for having his high beams on. “I explained to him that I didn’t have my driver’s license because I didn’t have my wallet. and that’s when he notified me that I need to step out of the vehicle and that he was placing me under arrest,” said Hughes. Dalworthington Garden police chief Aaron Aumus said that’s one of the signs officers are trained to look for when it comes to possible intoxicated drivers.

Hughes started a Facebook Live.

Hughes’ brother, Cory recorded the video off of someone else’s phone. Hughes and lawyer Jasmine Crockett believe the original Facebook post was later deleted by the responding officer.  “You cannot go into someone else’s phone and delete something,” said Crockett. “A warrant would have been required. There wouldn’t have been any probable cause to search the phone for the basis which he stated he was arresting him.”

Hughes was booked for an unrelated warrant out of Fort Worth for a traffic ticket from three years ago. Chief Ausmus told NewsFix Hughes was not charged with anything related to the incident. He also said the officer did not delete the video.

Hughes plans on using his platform to get the word out. “At the end of the day, I don’t want this to fly under the radar.”



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