#MambaDay: Fans Celebrate Kobe Bryant’s Final Game

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LOS ANGELES — As Dirk Nowitzki, Dallas’ own 37-year-old NBA superstar, gets ready to make his 15th appearance in the Playoffs, another is limping off into the sunset. Kobe Bryant is calling it quits after an illustrious 20-year career.

#MambaDay was the official hashtag Wednesday on Twitter to celebrate Kobe’s last day on the NBA hardwood.


And love him or hate him, the future Hall of Famer received support from fans all around the world and from all walks all life. Some even coming back from the dead to give praise.

Guess once a fan, always a fan.

The Dallas Zoo even got in on the fun by giving Kobe a shout out.

Their actual Black Mamba snake looked like it couldn’t wait for the game to start, but which one?

Crashing in on the #MambaDay festivities are the Golden State Warriors who are pursuing an historic 73rd win that would give them the all-time record for wins in a regular season.

Golden State’s quest for history has already pushed Kobe’s farewell to the back burner. The Warriors game will now be on ESPN, while Kobe’s last game will be on ESPN2.

So, with the games tipping off at the same time, we have to ask — which one will you watch? This might be a night that calls for two screens in the living room.

However you watch, enjoy. Farewell Kobe!

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