Mama Couch Posts Bail, Storms Out of Jail

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TARRANT COUNTY — If you’re getting sick of all the media coverage Affluenza Mom Tonya Couch has been getting, you’re not the only one. Mama Couch is too! She made annoyed faces and had no comment after she posted bail and was perp walked out of jail Tuesday.

Once she was fitted with a GPS tracking bracelet on her ankle, she jumped into a waiting car and went to live with her old son, Stephen, in Tarrant County. That means it won’t take long before his quiet neighborhood gets sick of all the news cameras.

Well, for now, get used to it. Couch is under house arrest and can’t leave, except to meet with her probation officer and her attorney.

Ethan Couch Arrested in Meixco
Ethan Couch Arrested in Mexico

The judge also ordered her to stay away from drugs and alcohol. And not to miss meetings with her probation officer — advice her son Ethan, apparently, ignored.

Mom will also go undergo a psych evaluation. Her attorneys claim she’s not mentally competent to stand trial. If the case does go to trial, she could get 10 years for, ahem, allegedly helping Ethan flee the country to Mexico.

Yeah, it’s not exactly freedom. But it is a temporary end to their misadventure in Mexico. And hey, it’s gotta beat jail, right?

Meanwhile, that’s where Ethan is sitting, in a Mexican jail fighting extradition to Texas. If and when he does make it home, he’ll have to deal with a petition with 30,000+ signatures demanding the 18-year-old be tried as an adult for violating his juvenile probation.

Seems a lot of folks still don’t think Ethan and society are square after he drove drunk at 16, killed four people and only got probation.

It could take months to get him back to Texas. Until then, looks like he and his mom will remain worlds apart.

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