Making Changes: Controversial Restaurant Sign Backlash

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DALLAS, TX — Look who just cracked under the pressure of the little guy. Yum! Brands, Inc. – the fast food giant that serves up some of America’s favorites. It owns popular chains like Pizza Hut, KFC and Taco Bell.

While it did not offend the masses with its cute taco-loving chihuahua back in the 90s, maybe the company crossed the line with a communist star.

Dallas’ Vietnamese-American community was definitely upset over a sign posted prominently outside the Banh Saigon Street Food restaurant, located across from the SMU campus.

The emblem of the Vietnamese communist regime brought back bad memories of the war and the struggle to escape oppression.

Think about it? Would you feel comfortable with a Confederate flag flying alongside Colonel Sanders? Or a swastika stamped on Wienerschnitzell?

We didn’t think so.

The group started an online petition to get Yum Brands attention. And it did.

The company took down the sign Thursday afternoon, issued an apology and removed the controversy from the menu.

Whoever said corporations don’t like to listen? Hey, maybe this is just the sign of the times.

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