Major Airline Looking to Make Lost Luggage Thing of Past

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ATLANTA, GA - It`s a situation that will leave any traveler in tears; lost luggage. It`s been ruining vacations since we first learned to fly. But like a Wright Brothers airplane one airline is trying to be a pioneer in the air, in this case, making lost luggage a thing of the past.

Delta Airlines is looking to use radio frequency identification, or RFID technology, within their luggage tags. The RFID method will replace standard bar-code hand-scanning which has been an industry standard since the 90’s.

It means that travelers will be able to track their luggage on and off aircraft via notifications from their phones. Delta plans to roll out the new technology towards the end of this year.

Good news, especially for worldwide travelers, a demographic DFW Airport is trying to land. Yes, DFW International is looking to truly live up to its name.

The airport is offering new financial incentives in an effort to attract more international carriers. For example, a full flight from Barcelona would award an airline over $2 million in incentives.

We think that`s enough to motivate any international airline looking to make a quick buck. We'll see if the new incentives allow international flights to take-off.

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