Majic Mic 🎤 : Rap & Hip Hop artists announce retirement… then come back!

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Retiring from music is a tricky thing, and most recently Hip Hop veteran Jeezy just announced his retirement after almost 20 years in the game.

It made me start to think: ‘I wonder if he`s really retiring or not’. Frankly sometimes these retirements don`t stick.

For instance: Jay Z retired in 2003, made a big announcement, last shows but that didn’t last. Three years after that he was back in the studio and continues to go strong.

Same with Too $hort, in 1996 he “quit” Hip Hop but …did it last?  Nope, a few years later he was back at it.

One of the more hilarious retirements came from Bow Wow or as he likes to be called: Shad Moss. He retired and the internet was ruthless saying things like, ‘I thought he retired years ago!’

The list of artist who retired and came back doesn`t stop at Bow Wow. Don’t forget Waka Flaka retired, Mase, Nas, 50 Cent and Soulja Boy, which received the same reaction Bow Wow did to his retirement.

But my favorite was LL Cool J, because he announced his retirement on Twitter, and a few hours later deleted it and announced a new album!

Goes to show you, you can`t quit Hip Hop!

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