Maine woman finds PART OF a lizard in her salad

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KITTERY, Maine – There once was a woman in Kittery… whose salad turned out to be lizardy. Sorry.

Michelle Carr says when she went to take a bite of the salad she made for lunch, she was expecting a fork full of lettuce and fresh vegetables but instead, lo and behold, she found a lizard — and not a tiny one, either. The lizard was about three inches long. And was missing part of its tail. “I instantly wretched and I was revolted because I thought for a second I could’ve eaten its tail,” Carr told Bangor Daily News.

Carr says she bought the Signature grocery store brand Romaine Hearts Crisp and crunchy January 26 at Shaw’s in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Carr has been breastfeeding her 10-month-old baby and was worried about bacteria and other health concerns, according to BDN. A biologist friend who examined the lizard says it could be a blue-bellied lizard, which primarily lives in California — from where the product is distributed.

Along with the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services and the Food and Drug Administration, Carr notified the grocery store where she bought the salad. Shaw’s released this statement:

“We were notified of this matter and immediately informed the supplier. We are working with the supplier to determine the cause and the steps needed to prevent this from recurring.”

NO. We do not want to think about where the missing tail is, regardless of any possible nutritional value.

“I was repulsed. I was disgusted. I was startled,” she said in a WILX news report. “It still makes me want to gag, to this day, just thinking about it.”

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