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FORT WORTH — Money was the motive when Patrick-Bet David started his business, People Helping People.

“The  PHP agency is a marketing organization and distribution channel,” Patrick explained. “We sell insurance and retirement services to middle-income families.”

Just like most successful entrepreneurs, Patrick started from the bottom before making it to the top. He’d come all the way from Iran to start a new chapter in America.

“[The company] started out of L.A. with 66 agents and one office in 2009,” he added. “Now we’re at 3,100 agents in 49 states and we just moved our headquarters to Dallas, Texas!”

But first, Patrick had to christen his new headquarters with a magic touch. Five-time NBA Champ Magic Johnson was invited to PHP’s annual gala Friday night. He’s the only guy who made basketball and business look easy, so it was only right for him to shoot some wise words to a room full of entrepreneurs.

“Patrick is doing a wonderful job with his company and all these people here are doing an amazing job,” Magic told NewsFix. “I  just want everybody to just, first of all, go after your dreams. Make sure you do your homework, your research and you can do it. You can become a businessman or a business woman!”

Whether your goal is to becoming the next Magic or a successful CEO like Patrick, all you really need is a dollar and a dream to get things started!