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DALLAS — Outside the Uptown parking garage where Dr. Kendra Hatcher was found shot to death on Wednesday, a letter is posted part of a memorial in her honor.

“Your laughter will be missed,” It reads in part. “Your kindness will be present. Your smile we will remember.”

On Facebook, her brother Neil echoes those words: “To my beloved sister. I love you so much. For always and forever.”

While friends and family mourn the slain dentist, and remember Kendra as “Beautiful, smart, and loving,” police continue to search for her killer.  Their best lead is still a “vehicle of interest,” an older model Jeep Cherokee with faded paint and paper temporary tags.

Police believe the driver followed another vehicle through the gate into the garage, waited for Dr. Hatcher to arrive, then approached her and did the unthinkable.

Cops say they’re beefing up security in the area while they investigate, but residents say the incident left them shaken.

While her Uptown neighbors are left with questions about their safety, the rest of us are pondering a different question:  Who killed Kendra Hatcher?