Love Lock Down: Paris To End Bond With Famous Bridge

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PARIS, FRANCE– This could be one of the worst break-ups the world has witnessed.

The romantic city of Paris is ending their relationship with the historic “Love Locks” bridge.

It’s a little too late for the tears now. Starting Monday, city officials will remove the colorful padlocks from Pont Des Arts.

Yeah, visitors from all over the world can kiss the six-year tradition of attaching locks with heart-felt messages to the bridge goodbye.

Paris city council says the extra baggage of the locks’ weight is the number one reason for the break up.

700, 000 locks are latched on the bridge`s fencing, which is almost equivalent to the weight of 20 elephants.

City officials say the weight’s causing portions of the bridge`s fencing to buckle and is a safety problem for pedestrians.

And to seal the deal, they’ll replace their ex-loves with plexiglass panels by the end of fall.

Whoever says all love stories have a happy ending were totally pulling our chains.

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