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DALLAS- It was July 4th, but for one duo, it’s probably feeling more like Valentine’s Day.

Twitter user Rosey Blair (@roseybeeme) has been going viral since she was flying back to DFW from New York and she asked a woman to switch seats with her so she could sit with her boyfriend.

Rosey joked that the woman’s new seat partner may just be the love of her life. That’s when the man of everyone’s comes and sits down.

Yeah, Rosey is basically Cupid.

Throughout the flight, Rosey documented the budding couple’s interaction on social media, even splurging a few extra dollars for more in-flight WiFi to keep her new fans locked in.

Flirty touches, marriage talk, and even a shared cheese plate, were all captured for Twitter. We can’t handle all these relationship goals on one flight!

Rosey kept up with the pair, all the way to baggage claim, and things were still looking pretty cozy.

“Guess what! They both appear to be based right here in Texas! In Dallas,” Rosey cheered in one video. “They’re going to fall in love and get married and have babies!”

The mystery woman still hasn’t stepped into the public eye yet, but it looks like this may just be love at first flight.