Lose your weed? Dallas police are holding your 3,000 marijuana plants for you

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DALLAS -- When the cops are asking you to call about your missing weed, Admiral Akbar said it best in Star Wars.

"It's a trap!"

Fate did not favor a budding entrepreneur in Dallas this weekend. DPD chopper, Air One, buzzed over a dense and dank section of Southeast Dallas, and what they saw begged a simple question.

Whose weed is that?!

DPD hasn't figured out who those 3,000 plants totaling 197 pounds of pot belong to, but this grow operation appears to be up in smoke for now.

DPD Major Max Geron decided to get to the bottom of it on Twitter.

That's right. He's such a nice guy, he's accepting phone calls to get that pot back to its rightful owner! The choice is yours. You can call in to claim your cannabis, or maybe you want to smash your phone, run into the woods and hide out.

And let's be honest. If you're dopey enough to chase your joints into the joint, ESPN's Stephen A. Smith has four words for you.

"Stay off the wood!" he's known to yell on his show, First Take.

Sounds about right.

Dallas Police say the plants are 'set for destruction'. How will that happen? They left that part out.

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