Looking to Move After the Election? One Realtor Wants to Help

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DALLAS -- So do you have that post election blues? While some are elated, others are really hurt after this bitter battle for the White House.

“I would move,” Ayanna told Newsfix. Apparently she isn't alone.

After Trump’s victory over Clinton on Tuesday, thousands of Americans reportedly crashed Canada’s immigration website, looking to jump ship.

“If people move to Canada, I don’t know if Canada will be too happy because they like their peace and quiet,” Ivy James said.

Well, for those looking to live with our neighbors to the north, one real-estate agent wants to sell your house.

“So we re-posted the ad three days ago and we’ve had over 30,000 clicks and shares. I mean it’s been pretty incredible," Dallas realtor Josh DeShong said. He posted an ad letting folks know if they’re looking to leave, he can help sell their house.

“You know, probably 95% of people thought it was humorous and they understood that that it was there to play off what's going on, but at the same time, it was supposed to be bipartisan, but some people really took offense to it.”

While DeShong says he’s received many requests to sell peoples homes since the ad has hit, other realtors he knows in other battle ground states are getting huge reactions.

“One of my friends who ran a similar piece, he had 300 requests to discuss selling people's homes in the last 24 hours.”

So for those of you looking to sell, maybe Canada is the place to be, that is, until they build a wall to keep us out.

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