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PLANO, TX — The search for Christina Morris was called off Friday because of rain. To make matters worse, 13 days later, Plano police say they don’t have any suspects or persons of interest.

“That’s what’s puzzling. The fact that we can’t get any. We don’t have any information that’s come forward in 13 days.”

It was Labor Day weekend when Morris vanished. Friday night, exactly two weeks ago, she was with friends at an apartment near the Shops of Legacy in Plano.

Morris was last seen at 3:57 a.m. walking into this parking garage. A six-second video is the last proof showing Morris was still alive.

Her silver Toyota Celica coupe never left the garage that night. It was still there when co-workers reported her missing — three days later.

Her purse and cell phone are missing too.

“We’ve searched the entire area at Shops of Legacy. Trash cans. Everywhere and haven’t been able to find it.”

Cops say Hunter Foster, her live-in boyfriend, did not alert anyone that she never came home.

Phone records show Morris called him at least 15 times the morning she disappeared.

“Both phone calls made as well as text messages made. Not even certain if any of those are answered,” said Christina’s mother, Jonni McElroy.

So, who is the other guy? The one in the video? He hasn’t been publicly identified.

Mom says he was a classmate at Allen High School, but he didn’t walk Morris to her car, even though it was nearly four in the morning.

Equusearch is using drones to search for Morris. The Super Bat they sent up shot 800 high resolution photos over a wooded area where Morris disappeared. So far, nothing.

UPDATE: A drone dubbed “Super Bat” is now being used to find Christina Morris. The 23-year-old Fort Worth woman disappeared nearly two weeks ago while visiting a friend near the Shops at Legacy in Plano.

Story Originally Filed September 10, 2014

PLANO, TX — Equusearch is pulling out all the stops to find 23-year-old Christina Marie Morris.

“Someone has information.  Please, Please share it.  We need to bring her home,” stepmother Anna Morris pleaded.

In addition to the ATVs and volunteers on foot, the folks who helped coordinate high-profile searches for Natalee Holloway and Caylee Anthony, are getting ready to send up drones.

Without a Trace: Boyfriend Speaks Out About Missing Girlfriend

“We’ve had a tremendous amount of success,” Equusearch founder, Tim Miller said.

We hear about drones being used overseas to fight terrorists, but these drones are fighting against time.  Morris has been missing for 11 days now.

“We have found things with the drones that helicopters have missed, that dogs have missed, that searchers have missed. We can identify something as small as a styrofoam coffee cup. We only fly it at 400 feet,” Miller said.  “Unfortunately for the people who have drones and misuse them, the FAA had to come down with some new rulings.”

Wednesday, the FAA finally gave Equusearch the green light to use the drones in their search.  For Tim Miller, the race to find Christina is personal.

“I know what these families are going through.  My own daughter disappeared and 17 months later, her body was found and I made a promise to God and [daughter] Laura I’d never leave a family alone,” he said.

It’s a promise this family appreciates.

“I’m grateful they’re with us. They said they’re not going anywhere until they find Christina,” Anna Morris said.  “Christina is my stepdaughter. She’s my daughter.”

Story Originally Filed September 9, 2014

Story Originally filed September 8, 2014

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