Looking for a Horror Film on Halloween? Here’s NewsFix’s Top 5 Scary Movies

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Looking for something scary to frighten your senses this All Hallows Eve?

Well, the NewsFix crew chimes in on their all time favorite scary movies. Happy watching!

#5: “A Women in Black” 2012:  “It’s like walking through a haunted house for an hour and a half,” says multimedia journalist Tim Roberts. “Plus it basically stars Harry Potter, so that’s a big bonus.”

#4: “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” 2003: “I saw that movie when I was a preteen and it scared the bleep out of me,” says associate producer Shardae Neal. “Leatherface! he’s a big guy who runs fast and actually has a chainsaw!”

#3: “Paranormal Activity” 2007: “When I first saw Paranormal Activity I did think it was real,” says sound designer Brian McDaniel.

#2: “Halloween” 1978: “Team Michael Myers all the way!” says producer Dalila Thomas. “He never chases anyone, he never had to do too much to get to his prey.”

#1: “Nightmare on Elm Street” 1984: “It gave me nightmares for months,” says assistant managing editor Selena Hernandez. “You look at it now and it’s so cheesy but back then it was pretty damn scary.”

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