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HOUSTON (CW39) – We are quickly shifting over into that time of the year where we see instances of heat related deaths surge from children and pets being left in hot vehicles. From 1998-to this year Texas is sadly leading the country with 132 child heat stroke deaths in vehicles.  

Like yesterday, temperatures this afternoon will rise over 90 degrees. Although you don’t even need temperatures this hot for a car to turn deadly, it really speeds up the heating process and decreases the chance for survival for children or pets left inside.  

You can see that just within 10 min on a 90-degree day the inside temperature of a car can rise to 109 degrees. Two thirds of that temperature increase occurs in the first 20 min.  

After 30 minutes the temperature rises to 125 degrees. Then, 133 degrees after 1 hour.  

Always look before you lock, if you see a child left in a car call 911 immediately. If you are worried about your own legal rights for getting involved. Remember there are “Good Samaritan” laws that offer legal protection for those who help in an emergency, especially when it comes to protecting children.  

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