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DALLAS — Wedding bells were ringing on Sunday as planning experts from all over the DFW area came out to “The Knot Experience.”

“Couple can come here, it’s the largest wedding planning installation in the US where you can really immerse yourself in The Knot’s all in one wedding planning experience from visions, to vendors, to guests, to gifts,” said The Knot’s digital editor, Ivy Jacobson.

Jacobson says The Knot helps couples find out the style of wedding they want to have through an interactive experience.

“Lots of couples need a a little help knowing exactly what they want, so with The Knot style quiz, which you can take on The Knot’s all in one wedding planner app, you can find out what your style is together as a couple.”

“I’m learning from the different vendors, the different catering, the different florist, everything that I can add to my wedding to make it the perfect day,” said one bride-to-be.

We all know that planning a wedding can be one of the most tiring and time consuming tasks, but The Knot Experience says turning the planning into a party could relieve some of that stress.

After all for that big day you never have too many ideas, right?!