DALLAS (KDAF) — Texas is no stranger to good food. So it makes sense that we were featured on a list of the best Delis.

Eat This, Not That! has named Grapevine’s Weinberger’s Deli as the best in Texas. From Joe King’s Pastrami Sandwich to their California Club Sandwich, you can find quality in every bite.

Voted the Best Chicago Deli in the World, as mentioned on their website, the chicago-style deli is also known for its hospitality. ” We offer a pretty large menu so there should be something that will catch your eye, if not ask for something special. You will love it!”

Credit: @weinbergers_deli

With over 120 sandwich options on their menu, the passion for the culinary experience shows through owner Dan Weinberger.

“It’s not enough to just make a sandwich. It’s the why you make the sandwich, where that sandwich came, who created that sandwich, and what is it composed of. All of that makes the sandwich a critical part of the culinary experience. That is why I do what I do. All Chefs have passion for some part of the Culinary experience. Mine just happens to be the sandwich,” he mentions on his website.

So whenever you are in Grapevine and in the mood for a good sandwich, don’t forget Weinbergers!