DALLAS (KDAF) — A seasonal feeling Monday is prepping North Texas for some possible wintry mix on Tuesday, oh the joys of winter in the Lone Star State.

It’s going to be a cool, sunshine-filled Monday in the region with highs in the 50s before some cold, possible snowy weather on Tuesday, “After a frigid start with sunrise temperatures at or below freezing, expect highs in the 50s this afternoon. Near calm winds early will give way to an east-southeast breeze between 10 to 15 mph,” the National Weather Service center in Fort Worth reports.

NWS Fort Worth/Dallas

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! Rain/snow mix will be possibly in the region on Tuesday, main/well-traveled roads will be wet but should remain drivable.

“Rain will likely transition to a rain-snow mix Tuesday afternoon and continue into Tuesday night for parts of North Texas. With surface temperatures generally remaining above freezing, the snow will be wet and slushy with no accumulation expected on surface roads.

“Snow is more likely to accumulate on grassy and elevated surfaces across northwestern North Texas and along the Red River. Please continue to monitor the forecast for updates,” NWS Fort Worth reports.

NWS Fort Worth/Dallas

So, how much snow will fall in North Texas? Well, a low amount due to above-freezing surface temperatures will limit snow accumulation, and snow that does fall will likely be wet and slushy.

The weather center said, “Accumulation is more likely on grassy and elevated surfaces, especially across western North Texas and along the Red River where temperatures will be a little colder and where a snow mixture will begin sooner. Please continue to monitor the forecast for updates!”

NWS Fort Worth/Dallas

Impact on travel is expected to be minor across the northwestern portion of North Texas near the Red River.

NWS Fort Worth said, “Minor travel impacts are possible Tuesday and Tuesday night. Light slushy snow accumulation on surface streets will be minimal and mostly confined to bridges or overpasses.

“Periods of moderate to heavy snow are possible across Northwestern North Texas and along the Red River, which would create brief travel impacts. Be sure to drive slow and plan to add extra time to your commute if you have travel plans Tuesday and Tuesday night.”

NWS Fort Worth/Dallas