DALLAS (KDAF) — Is it a hoagie, sub, hero or a grinder? On Thursday, May 5, no matter where y’all or you guys are from, it’s a hoagie; as it is National Hoagie Day!

Whatever kind of hoagie (sandwich) you want, GET IT! Maybe you’re feeling like celebrating Cinco de Mayo and that’s perfectly fine.

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However, just in case you’re in the mood for some deli meats on a perfectly sliced loaf of bread, we checked out Yelp’s list of the best hoagies around Dallas.

  • New York Sub
  • Big Tony’s West Philly Cheesesteaks, located in North Dallas
  • Jimmy’s Food Store, located in East Dallas
  • The Meat Shop
  • Hoagie bear, located in Downtown
  • Weinberger’s Deli
  • Texadelphia, located in Upper Greenville
  • Great American Hero, located in Oak lawn
  • Quoc Bao Bakery
  • Hunky’s located in Oak Lawn