DALLAS (KDAF) — Goldilocks, it’s your time to shine. Just make sure you don’t break into the CW33 studio.

June 23 is National Porridge Day and we are shouting out this ultimate breakfast dish. Similar to oatmeal, porridge is made by boiling grains in water. You can add toppings, spices and seasonings to it to make this meal your own.

NationalToday.com calls this dish, “Rich, flavorful, and thankfully not the ‘breakfast of champions,’ porridge is healthy and wholesome.”

So, if you want to celebrate the day, here are some spots where you can get porridge, according to Yelp:

  • Charm Juk
  • Malai Kitchen
  • Jeng Chi
  • Cho Dang Village
  • Vietnam Restaurant
  • LA Hanbat
  • Dumpling House
  • Morefan
  • Gomonae
  • Dal Dong Nae

For more options, visit Yelp.