DALLAS (KDAF) — Dallas may not be Austin but it can hold its own in the wild and wacky.

From oversized sculptures to historic landmarks with interesting backgrounds, you never know what you’ll find in the 214. We all know about the Eye Sculpture in Downtown Dallas, it’s time to switch it up!!

Full of hidden gems and surprises, Dallas always has something for you to get into!

Here are some places to check out for a unique Dallas experience:

Hand Collection

This is something that you have to check out especially if you like “the strange”. There is a collection of over 100 pairs of cast hands, located outside of the Baylor Medical Center.

Museums of Illusions Dallas

The museum describes itself as, “a place where nothing is as it seems”. With over 80 exhibits filled with optical illusions, holograms, installations, etc. Buy your tickets here.

Thanks-Giving Square, Downtown Dallas

This serene place can be found in Downtown Dallas. The square is dedicated to giving thanks and promoting gratitude, as expressions of thanks can be seen engraved in the art around the square.

The Grave of Bonnie Parker, Crown Memorial Park

Of course, we have all heard of the infamous American crime duo Bonnie and Clyde. The final resting place for Bonnie is located in Dallas at Crown Memorial Park.

Bowler Hat Scripture, Art District

Located between Ervay and Browder Street, the huge statue can be found in the Art District. The sculpture was brought by British furniture brand, Timothy Oulton. The hat is inspired by the brand’s bowler hat logo designed by Keith Turman.

Check out these unusual places if you haven’t done so already!