DALLAS (KDAF) — With Juneteenth being this month, the topic of racial equality has been in the mainstream discussion as of late. This year is the second year the Texas holiday has been federally recognized, prompting many North Texas cities to establish yearly Juneteenth events.

Despite efforts to combat racial inequality many states continue to see practices like voter intimidation and gerrymandering, both of which disproportionately affect marginalized groups.

WalletHub has released a study looking at the best states for racial equality in civic engagement. Officials compared 48 states and Washington D.C. across five different metrics comparing the difference between white and Black Americans in the following areas: share of single parent-households, share of adult population on parole, share of veterans, volunteer rate and voter turnout rate.

According to the study, Texas has the 14th most racial equality in civic engagement in the nation, citing the highest share of Black veterans in the nation. Here is how Texas ranked across all metrics:

  • 15th – Share of Single-Parent Households
  • 40th – Share of Adult Population on Parole
  • 1st – Share of Veterans
  • 6th – Volunteer Rate
  • 14th – Voter-Turnout Rate
Source: WalletHub

For the full report, visit WalletHub.