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DALLAS (KDAF) — Unfortunately, Texas isn’t one of the states named where you are most likely to bump into a billionaire.

A new study by the Project Management experts at The Digital Project Manager used data showing the top 100 richest people from the US, what states they are from and the population of each state to establish which states are home to the most successful people.  

Wyoming was found as the state with the most successful people, with 3.47 billionaires in the state per million people, according to the report. Billionaires like John Mars, who inherited stakes in Mars, Incorporated, a multinational food and pet care manufacturer, and Christy Walton, who married into the family that founded Walmart live in the state.

Research also revealed that Michigan, New Jersey and Tennessee are the top three US states home to the LEAST billionaires.  In response to the findings, Nuala Turner, Editor of The Digital Project Manager, hopes the study brings hope to those who may see the goal of becoming a billionaire as unattainable.

“Although becoming a billionaire might seem like an unreachable goal, it can become a reality for some people. Great ways to improve your own success include having a long-term plan, taking calculated risks, focus, discipline, and routine to enhance your likelihood of financial success.”