DALLAS (KDAF) — Do donuts make you go nuts? Well if they do, then buckle up for these ridiculous donuts that just might make you go insane.

A report from Love Food looked into America’s most outrageous donut flavors and wouldn’t you believe that one of these donuts is named after the state of Texas and that others can be found residing in the state?

“Donuts are one of America’s top treats – and the world’s, for that matter. But sometimes a glazed ring or sugar-dusted round doesn’t quite cut it. For those times, the country’s many specialist bakeries and chains have risen to the occasion with some pretty outrageous creations,” the report said.

First up is the Texas Doughnut Cake out of North Carolina, as you know, everything is bigger in Texas and even though this one is outside the Lone Star State it is legitimately massive.

Here’s where you can find the craziest donuts in Texas:

  • Mother Clucker at Gourdough’s in Austin
    • “The Mother Clucker, perfectly crisp fried chicken in honey butter served with a hot garlic donut, is one of the most popular – and outrageously good,” the report says.
  • The Ring of Fire at Voodoo Doughnut in Texas, other locations in U.S.
    • “The Ring of Fire was created for the annual Mexican celebration Cinco de Mayo, with a chocolate cake donut as the base, a dusting of cinnamon sugar and cayenne pepper and a garnish of a whole dried red chili,” the report says.