DALLAS(KDAF)—Texas is a state that is home to many families, and the names given to their children are an important part of the state’s culture.

With that in mind, a website called Names.org has released its predicted list of the most popular baby names in Texas for 2023. They compiled a list using data from the Social Security Administration on births.

The ten most popular names for boys in Texas in 2023 are Liam, Noah, Mateo, Elijah, Sebastian, Oliver, Santiago, Levi, Daniel, and Benjamin. The ten most popular girls’ names are Olivia, Camila, Emma, Isabella, Mia, Amelia, Sophia, Ava, Charlotte, and Luna.

Emma and Noah are both incredibly popular names throughout the US, and they have taken the top two spots in the most popular baby names in the Texas list for the second year in a row. Following them, Olivia, Liam, Ava, Mia, William, Isabella, James, and Charlotte make up the remaining eight spots on the list.

Using this data, parents in Texas can figure out which names are popular in their state and make an informed choice. The popularity of baby names can change each year, so this list may look different in a year or two.