DALLAS (KDAF) — National Ice Cream Day is around the corner and is setting up a weekend full of cold creamy treats as the Texas sun is out and about in full force.

Have you ever wondered what each state’s best/favorite spot for ice cream is? Well, curiosity may have killed the cat (if that’s how that saying goes) however, curiosity in the realm of ice cream will normally get you a nice scoop or two to enjoy.

Yelp has put out its list of the best ice cream in every state and province for the year of 2022! “Summer is just days away, and we couldn’t help but get a head start on tracking down the best ice cream spots from Hawaii to Toronto and everywhere between. If you’re a fan of this beloved cold treat, be sure to pencil in July 17th for an excuse to indulge in one, two, or three scoops, as it’s National Ice Cream Day!”

Let’s take a quick look at the Lone Star State before we dive into their full list. For this creamy Texas treat, you’ll have to head southeast to Houston and walk into Connie’s Frozen Custard! Connie’s has concretes, ice cream sandwiches, malts, shakes, sundaes and more ice-creamy goodness to be had.

Other U.S. states and Canada’s favorite ice cream spots, per Yelp