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DALLAS (KDAF) — A new Call of Duty game is out and while the verdict about the game is still being determined, fans of the series are already voicing concerns.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II officially launched on Oct. 28, giving fans of the franchise a new game to sink their teeth into. New reports say that this game is the fastest-selling Call of Duty Game ever. Of course, though, with every new game, there will be bugs and annoyances upon launch.

Optic Texas wants to know what fans would change to the game and asked Twitter users to name ‘3 things you want changed in #MWII’.

Here are some of the things fans would like changed:

  • Make Dead Silence a perk
  • Add more maps to the game
  • Footstep audio
  • Fix the minimap

If you have some grievances, voice them by replying to Optic Texas’ tweet.