DALLAS (KDAF) — Another Ozone Action Day is active in parts of North Texas on Monday, including the Dallas-Forth Worth area; NWS Fort Worth says reduced wind speeds will result in elevated ozone levels.

The weather center says, “Low-level ozone develops when pollutants are exposed to sunlight. With sufficient wind speeds, this ozone can be dispersed.” It adds that this has been the case for most of the summer in North Texas, however, as the wind speeds will be low, ozone concentrations will be high on Monday.

“Ozone levels steadily rise during the day and peak during the late afternoon and evening. Without sunlight, ozone no longer develops, and a separate chemical reaction reduces the ozone concentrations over the course of the night.”

What you need to know to reduce exposure

Air Central Texas says, “On Ozone Action Days, it is important to take precautions’ to limit exposure, especially if you are sensitive to ozone pollution.”

  • reduce the amount of time that you spend outside
  • when you are outside try not to exert yourself
  • make sure that your A/C filter is properly maintained

Sensitive groups include:

  • Children and teenagers
  • Older adults
  • Adults with respiratory or cardaiovascular illneess
  • Outdoor workers