DALLAS (KDAF) — A cold front has more than arrived as North Texas will see dangerously cold wind chills Friday, so, be sure to be aware of the weather if you have to go outside.

The National Weather Service center in Fort Worth reports it will be dangerously cold on Friday morning and it could prove life-threatening for unsheltered or marginally sheltered populations. Be aware of hypothermia warning signs like confusion, shivering, difficulty speaking, sleepiness, and stiff muscles.

NWS Fort Worth says this is what you need to do during these dangerously cold temps:

  • Check on neighbors and family
  • Bring pets indoors
  • Dress in layers
  • Cover all exposed skin
  • Limit time spent outdoors
  • Keep flammable at least 3 feet away from space heaters.

“Frigid temperatures and strong winds will allow for dangerously cold wind chills this morning. These wind chills could result in hypothermia if precautions are not taken. Make sure to avoid extended time outdoors if possible, and if you have to brave the cold, then dress in layers and cover exposed skin,” NWS Fort Worth said.

NWS Fort Worth/Dallas

So, how long will it be below-freezing? NWS Fort Worth says that North Texas should continue freeze precautions through Sunday.

“A prolonged period of subfreezing temperatures will continue into the Christmas weekend. Temperatures this cold for this long will damage exposed outdoor pipes! Make sure to follow the cold weather precautions and limit time spent outdoors through Sunday,” NWS Fort Worth said.

NWS Fort Worth/Dallas

The weather center also shared the science of wind chill, they say it’s like heat index, but for the cold, “The Wind Chill is a measure to help describe the rate of heat loss from the human body resulting from the combined effect of low temperature and wind. Stronger winds help draw heat out of our body faster which results in a lower body temperature. This increases the risk of hypothermia, which sets in when our body temperature drops just two to four degrees.”

NWS Fort Worth/Dallas